Exact Ruler - A FREE Any Scale "On Screen" Ruler

Advanced Version includes Ruler Rotation and a Perspective Ruler

Welcome to Exact Ruler


Do you require a Measurement from a PDF drawing?

Do you require a Measurement from a photograph or Google Street View?

Exact Ruler is the answer:

Exact Ruler is an On Screen Ruler that sees through to the picture behind like a normal ruler

You simply place the ruler over to object to be measured and then zoom in on the ruler to measure

Measurements can be made in Metric 1:1 1:10 1:100 or English Units of Inches or Feet & Inches

Note: Free Version is for an On Screen Ruler that is zoomable and relocatable as shown in picture above

Advanced Version allows for Ruler Rotation and includes a Perspective Ruler as shown in pictures below


A Must-Have Tool For:

• Estimators

• Engineers

• Architects

• Draftspeople

• Anyone who takes On-Screen measurements from PDFs, Google Street View or Photographs


Modify Ruler To Aid Reading

• Zoom In and Out

• Change Ruler Color

• Increase/Decrease Graduation Line Length

• Change Ruler between Perspective and Front View


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